The Worst Selfies of All Time

#1 The Animal

A lingerie pic on social media is inappropriate enough. That's the kind of thing only your partner should be looking at. But with these tattoos and all the bling, well this is the kind of picture no one should be looking at...

#2 Good Samaritan

Usually when you come across a person in this position, you try to help them. Instead, this guy decided it was a good opportunity to post a stupid selfie and keep moving. Let's hope he never needs that kind of help one day!

#3 Shooting Pics

This is confusing. Why would anyone want to post a photo of a gun facing the camera? Also, what was he trying to do here? Show off the gun or himself?

#4 Some respect please?

Does this guy really need to take a selfie at a funeral. So much better to skip this one....

#5 Grandma, No!

So many questions we want to ask about this photo. So many answers we probably don't want to know... we know your Grandma is probably really edgy and cool but even Betty White would be shaking her head at this one.

#6 3 1/2

Not sure if this is a bigger Facebook fail or parenting fail. This is about as bad as dressing your kid up as a Playboy bunny for Halloween.

#7 Bathroom Mirror

Never thought there would be a photo that would make us appreciate regular bathroom mirror selfies. Remind us to never ask to use her phone...

#8 Backside in the Bathroom

This girl is wearing all black and has on some cute black nail polish. She could have done something really chic with this. Instead, we see she managed to take one of the most classy fashion statements and turn it into this awkward mess.

#9 Funeral Fail

We get it, you want the world to know you think you're pretty but someone's funeral is definitely not the place to show that off. If this is what she does at funerals, what would she be like at a wedding?

#10 The Kim K Style Selfie

This is the exact reason certain members of the Kardashian family should not be famous. It influences people into thinking that certain activities are both normal and perfectly respectable. Activities like putting on skimpy clothing and shoving your butt in front of the camera. Literally.

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